ESB is the abbreviation for Elka Strong Board.

Main features:
The ESB can be used in walls, ceilings and in roofs.
These panels are made on the basis of fine (finer than OSB) wood pieces.
The hardness is lower than OSB: 600 to 630 kg / m³.
The elasticity is the same as OSB: between 14 and 18 N / mm².
The transversal dragresistance is 40% higher than OSB: 0.45 N / mm².
The ESB panels swell less than OSB when in contact with water.
The texture is finer, lighter and the surface smoother.

Productflyer ESB technics:
Productflyer ESB technics

Applications in timber construction with ESB:
Productflyer ESB construction

Your advantage

  • On-time delivery of treated / untreated softwood and panels
  • Own operations of soft wood and plate material (modern machine park)
  • Own flexible product line: safety handrails (tinted or laminated boards) , spikes, blocks and scaffolding boards
  • 1 contact point for all soft wood and panel products