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Filmfaced Plywood
Filmfaced Plywood

Filmfaced Plywood

Poplarfim: Chinese concrete poplar panel
Betonplex Hardwood: Concrete multiplex Hardwood made of several hardwood species.
Indonesian Merantifilm: High-grade formwork panel made up of Indonesian Meranti
Robustafilm: European poplar filmfaced plywood
Laudiofilm: European Radiata Pine Filmfaced plywood 170gr
Tulsa: Chilean Radiata Pine filmfaced plywood
Berkenfilm: Russian birch filmfaced plywood
Wisa®Form: High quality Finnish birch/spruce filmfaced plywood
Roliform: High-grade European Pine de Landes filmfaced plywood 400gr
Westag panels: High quality assortment of molding panels for system formwork or visible concrete structures.

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Your advantage

  • On-time delivery of treated / untreated softwood and panels
  • Own operations of soft wood and plate material (modern machine park)
  • Own flexible product line: safety handrails (tinted or laminated boards) , spikes, blocks and scaffolding boards
  • 1 contact point for all soft wood and panel products