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Plywood without film
Plywood without film

Plywood without film

Elliottis Pine: Brazilian plywood often used for packaging and wood constructions.
Poplar plywood: Lightweight plywood for use in interiors, caravan interiors and packaging boxes of high quality.

Poplar plywood

Pine multiplex: Softwood multiplex for higher quality applications.


Radiata Pine: Plywood Radiata Pine is suitable for roofing and flooring solutions and wall reinforcement and is also used in the packaging industry.
Spruce plywood: Panel with 1 side sanded for use as a floor or roofing panel.

Spruce plywood

Meranti plywood: Indonesian meranti panel of high quality used for interior, interior and exterior carpentry.
Hardwood Plywood: Hardwood Plywood is a collective name for multiple hardwood species. Thanks to its features, this panel is used for multiple purposes (construction, interior carpentry, …).
Okoumé plywood: High quality plywood appreciated for the warm color and the beautiful drawing. Due to the fine nerves, this plywood can be perfectly processed (sawing, milling, painting).

Okoumé multiplex

Birch plywood: Russian through and through birch plywood is a high-grade plywood which is highly appreciated by its smooth construction and beautiful white-yellow color. Used in interior design and in the lower grades as a packaging material.

Birch plywood

Grooved Plywood / B-clad / Sidings: Indonesian Meranti Plywood with 1-sided V-groove for exterior and interior finishing.

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