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Insulating panels
Insulating panels

Insulating panels

Fiber Tech Top: Stable, vapor opening and moisture-proof wood fiber board with tongue and groove connection, for shelters and wall construction.
Fiber Tech RWH: Vapor-permeable stiffening board based on wood fiber.
Fiber Tech Flex: Flexible insulation mat made of natural wood fiber, for thermal insulation of roof, wall and facade.
Durelis Vapourblock: Air tight, rigid and moisture resistant. Building panel with integrated vapor barrier screen

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Your advantage

  • On-time delivery of treated / untreated softwood and panels
  • Own operations of soft wood and plate material (modern machine park)
  • Own flexible product line: safety handrails (tinted or laminated boards) , spikes, blocks and scaffolding boards
  • 1 contact point for all soft wood and panel products