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  1. Compliance with the User Agreement


Access to the and sites and / or its use implies the automatic and unlimited acceptance of this User Agreement. If you do not agree with its content, we ask you to not consult or use the website.


Hout-Bois van Steenberge invites you to consult the User Agreement on a regular basis, as Steenberge Hout-Bois reserves the right to change this User Agreement at any time and for any reason. The consultation or use of the website by you implies the acceptance of any changes to the User Agreement.


This User Agreement constitutes all agreements between Hout-Bois van Steenberge and the user. Any modification or additional content contained in this site will be subject to this agreement.


  1. Property site


This site is the exclusive property of Hout-Bois of Steenberge NV, with registered office at Steenweg op Aalst, 9620 Zottegem, Belgium with VAT number BE 0440.690.893.


  1. Use of the site and its content


The user undertakes to use the information in this site in accordance with the rules of this User Agreement and the Law.


The users receive the personal and non-exclusive right to consult the Hout-Bois van Steenberge site for private purposes. It is forbidden to sell or use information from this site or to use it for commercial purposes, subject to prior written consent of Hout-Bois van Steenberge. Hout-Bois van Steenberge may terminate the user’s right of use at any time, for any reason, and without notice or compensation.


The User hereby agrees not to act on this site, to make any statement, and to not take any action that may affect the rights and interests of third parties, which is the name and image of Hout-Bois van Steenberge or to harass its products and services, which may damage, overburden, disable, discredit and / or fail the site.


The User also agrees not to use the content of the Site or any other element of the Site for acts which are illegal, harmful, irresponsible, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, racist or hateful.


The user agrees to reimburse and defend Hout-Bois from Steenberge against all third party claims and / or costs resulting from improper use of the website, infringement of the User Agreement, or participation in an other’s infringement of the rights of Hout-Bois of Steenberge.


  1. Protection of copyrights, sui generis rights, intellectual property rights, …


All texts, photos, images, sounds, data, drawings, videos, illustrations, leaflets, … displayed on Hout-Bois van Steenberge’s site, as well as the concept, form, possible databases and (part of) the software are Owned by Hout-Bois of Steenberge and / or used by Hout-Bois of Steenberge under license. All of the foregoing elements are protected by applicable copyright laws, neighboring rights, database rights, intellectual property rights and sui generis rights.


Copying, reproducing, selling, using, distributing, exploiting, manipulating and / or modifying all or part of the site for any purpose is prohibited, unless a prior written consent of Hout-Bois van Steenberge is obtained.


The trademarks and / or logos of Hout-Bois van Steenberge appearing on this site are registered trademarks for the Benelux and / or for other countries and are protected by trademark law. Any use of these brands or logos by Hout-Bois van Steenberge, without prior written permission of Hout-Bois of Steenberge, is an infringement of the rights of Hout-Bois of Steenberge for which the breach may be held liable.

  1. Privacy
    5.1. Personal data collected by Hout-Bois van Steenberge
    When visiting Hout-Bois Steenberge’s site, Hout-Bois van Steenberge can collect and store the following information, which can be considered as personal data:• The e-mail address, address, telephone number and any other information and / or information that the user voluntarily communicates via the website of Hout-Bois van Steenberge;
    • All information related to the pages of other sites that the user has consulted to access this site;
    • All information regarding the pages that the user has consulted on this site;
    • All information provided voluntarily by the user to Hout-Bois van Steenberge. (The user is the only person responsible for the data and / or information that he / she communicates with Hout-Bois van Steenberge).On this site, Hout-Bois van Steenberge uses cookies, which tracks the traces of the visited Internet sites and data about the visit, such as the web pages visited to access our site, the user’s activity on the site and the data when The user has filled out a form. This use of cookies by Hout-Bois van Steenberge allows her to provide better service during the next visit of the user. Most navigators automatically accept cookies, but they can be configured to reject them or to report a cookie being sent.

    Hout-Bois van Steenberge commits to respect the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with respect to the processing of personal data, as amended by the Law of 11 December 1998.

    5.2. Purposes of the processing of personal data by Hout-Bois van Steenberge

    The personal data collected and stored by Hout-Bois from Steenberge can be used for commercial and administrative purposes. This implies that Hout-Bois van Steenberge may use personal data to improve its website, in order to request information, as well as for statistical and commercial purposes (including direct marketing) and to contact and inform the user about her products, actions, website, …. Hout-Bois van Steenberge is responsible for the processing of personal data. Hout-Bois van Steenberge engages itself not to communicate the data to any other third party than the one responsible for processing the data and the application for direct mailing. Hout-Bois van Steenberge guarantees that these recipients take the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data.

    Storage period
    The personal data processed for customer management will be retained for the period necessary to comply with legal requirements (including in the field of accounting).

    Direct marketing
    The customer has the right to oppose free of charge any processing of his personal data with view to direct marketing.

    5.3. Right of access, resistance and improvement

    The Law of December 8, 1992 (as amended by the Law of December 11, 1998) gives you the right to refuse to process your personal data, as well as you have the right to access this data as well as a right to improve your data or the removal of the data. If you wish to make use of these rights, please contact Hout-Bois van Steenberge: e-mail:; Fax: +32 9 360 77 31; Mail: Hout-Bois van Steenberge NV, Steenweg op Aalst 27, 9620 Zottegem.

    5.4. Contact by email

    The user allows Hout-Bois van Steenberge to contact her / him by e-mail. If the user does not wish this, he / she can send an email to Hout-Bois van Steenberge NV at the following e-mail address:

    5.5. Contact details of Hout-Bois van Steenberge regarding this privacy policy and the right to resistance and improvement

    If you wish to respond to the policy described above or if you wish to modify or delete your data from our database, you can contact Hout-Bois van Steenberge using one of the following means: e-mail:; Fax: +32 9 360 77 31; Mail: Hout-Bois van Steenberge NV, Steenweg op Aalst 27, 9620 Zottegem.

  2. Liability regarding the website

    Hout-Bois van Steenberge does not give any implicit or explicit warranty about the operation and / or content of the site.Hout-Bois van Steenberge can’t guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information, but she does her utmost to ensure that the information she distributes on this site is correct. In addition, Hout-Bois van Steenberge does not guarantee the continuity, access, availability and / or operation of the site and its associated services. Hout-Bois van Steenberge reserves the right to change, suspend or delete all or part of this site without prior notice. Hout-Bois van Steenberge can’t be held liable for this.Hout-Bois van Steenberge won’t be liable for any direct or indirect commercial or non-commercial damage resulting from the use of the site. Hout-Bois van Steenberge disclaims any liability regarding viruses that would arise from downloading any of the elements from Hout-Bois van Steenberge’s site via hypertext links or via e-mails.7. Hyperlinks

    It is forbidden to place links to this site or from this site to other sites without prior written consent of Hout-Bois van Steenberge.

    Hout-Bois van Steenberge is not responsible for the content of other sites or other internet sources to which this site offers links and / or is linked to. In addition, the link and / or reference does not endorse the content of these websites. The inclusion of these websites does not imply any cooperation between Hout-Bois van Steenberge and the operators of these websites. Hout-Bois van Steenberge can’t be held liable for any damage that would have a direct and / or indirect connection with the third-party sites. Accordingly, the user is the sole responsible for all risks associated with using the sites to which is referred to from the Hout-Bois van Steenberge’s site.

    8. Validity of the User Agreement

    The non-applicability or contravention of one or more of the terms of this User Agreement with a term of mandatory law does not result in the remaining terms of the User Agreement being invalid.

    9. Applicable law and competent courts

    This User Agreement is subject to Belgian law. The courts of Oudenaarde or Mr. Vrederechter of Oudenaarde are exclusively authorized. Hout-Bois van Steenberge has the right to institute legal proceedings against persons acting in an illegal or unlawful manner or conducting acts in violation of this agreement.

    10. Contact Data

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our User Agreement, do not hesitate to contact Hout-Bois van Steenberge via the following information: e-mail:; Fax +32 9 360 77 31; Mail: Steenweg op Aalst 27, 9620 Zottegem.

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